“Timeless, hypnotic grooves created with only the sparsest arrangements (...) a 'desert blues' classic.” AMAZON.CO.UK
“This is music with space for dreaming. To concentrate on it is to miss the point. (...) Above all, Tartit deliver the white light, white heat of the desert.” THE INDEPENDENT
“At times the music recalls the bluesy work of Malian great Ali Farka Toure, but the ensemble strips the sound way down, so that every subtle vocal tremor carries the impact of a cannonball.” CHICAGO TRIBUNE
“at once as mesmerizing as a mirage and as real and raw as a sandstorm” WASHINGTON CITY PAPER
“a deep resonance is emanating from these grooves” MOJO
“plaintive, stark and melancholic, there is an underlying joyous strength to the women's voices” SONGLINES
“WOMAD offers many spectacular sights, but could any at this year's event match that of Tartit?” fRoots