Gamelan Shokbreker is a unique collaboration grown out of a long-time musical friendship between Indonesia and Norway. Gamelan is an ancient and beautiful form of orchestral music that has long been a source of inspiration to artists in the West, including Steve Reich, Philip Glass and Brian Eno. Its fluid rhythms and intriguing shapes reveal surprising parallels with the minimalist beats and ambient sounds of Nordic contemporary jazz and electronica, as profiled by the likes of Nils Petter Molvær and Bugge Wesseltoft.  

This special project, premiered the Oslo World Music Festival 2006, is the result of a year-long creative collaboration between musical masterminds Patrick Shaw Iversen and Ismet Ruchimat. In their daring musical journey both traditions merge, opening a new chapter in the evolving story of gamelan music.

Performers include 10 gamelan musicians from the acclaimed SambaSunda orchestra led by Ismet Ruchimat, including mezmerizing young vocalist Rita Tila, and from Norway, Patrick Shaw Iversen, Pål Nyhus aka ‘DJ Strangefruit’, Steinar Værnes and Peter Baden.

Produced by KAPA Productions for the Contemporary Music Network
Funded by the Arts Council England.


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© Fredrik Nornemark 2006
©Fredrik Nornemark 2006
©Fredrik Nornemark 2006
©Fredrik Nornemark 2006


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