What the press says about Sidi Goma

“Spectacular, mystical and – most importantly – fun, Gujarat’s Black Sufis are a revelation.” RHYTHM MAGAZINE
“ecstatic power… building slowly and steadily to a fever pitch.” NY TIMES
“the troupe... reached several levels of raw virtuosity via every muscle in their bodies.” CHICAGO TRIBUNE
“a remarkable group with an extraordinary history” BBC WORLDSERVICE
“ebulliently playful (…) with star-turn delicacy.” WALL STREET JOURNAL
“fabulous ritual theatre” VIDA!
“astonishing set… powerful music… simply amazing.” BANGKOK POST
“They seem to come from a world where the rhythm, colour and happiness settings have been set a couple of notches higher than ours.” SARAWAK REVIEW
“possibly the best and most surprising discovery” MONDOMIX, WOMEX REPORT