“While their energy, youthfulness and showmanship have made a big impression on live audiences, it’s their mixture of discipline and delicacy that impresses on this mesmeric debut.” DAILY TELEGRAPH
“a supercharged powerhouse” VIDA!
“a rich selection that admirably hits the mark” WORLD MUSIC CHARTS EUROPE (No2 - SEPT 05)
“…the classical, traditional and popular are brought together here in a clever and exciting manner. This almost 20-strong ensemble creates… fascinating textures. Without falling for academic austerity, nor for Amercianized global pop.” BLUE RHYTHM
“While unmistakably Sundanese, the band’s musicians add subtle elements… that extend the music into something new and different, and always [with] a few delightful and surprising twists along the way” SONGLINES, TOP OF THE WORLD, NOV 05
“Mesmerising melodies, palpitating percussion and the hypnotic, heavy bass of the big gongs - an intoxicating infusion of deep roots with fresh spices served up Sunda style” SABAH HABAS MUSTAPHA
“Subverting Indonesian musical stereotypes with gusto” JANE CORNWELL, EVENING STANDARD
“Eclectic maestros of fusion ...the result is truly wonderful.” JOHN CLEWLEY, BANGKOK POST
“Dressed in orange and numbering 17, Sambasunda, from Java, looked and sounded stunning.” MARTIN VENNARD, BBC NEWS
“Clashing gongs, lilting drums, sparkling flutes and cantering vibes all somehow manage to create a sound which is unique, modern and imaginatively faithful in its portrayal of the hustle and bustle of a 21st century Indonesian metropolis. (...) Every country and every traditional style of music needs musical pioneers... Fortunately for Indonesia, Sambasunda have taken up the challenge with style and gusto.” ANDY MORGAN, BBC RADIO3
“Sambasunda... play elaborate arrangements featuring flutes and loquacious gamelans. Hearing their bizarre version of Brazilian pop is no odder than hearing Kraftwerk Latin style.” JOHN L. WALTERS, THE GUARDIAN