“I've always loved the way Maurice plays. He represents the times when the music was pure and there was no war between Jews and Arabs, when we met to make music and share things.” KHALED
“The genial maestro of North African swing” Songlines
“what makes him special is his piano work, .as powerful as ever.” The Guardian
“hugely enjoyable” The Daily Telegraph
“El Médioni's unique style - marking out jazz and Cuban rhythms with his left hand while playing Arabic-influenced melismatic melodies with his right - crowns him king of Latin-Arabia.” Jane Cornwell, Songlines
“Every time that I'm listening this CD, I feel like Icarus, I'm ready to fly...” Dimitris Danikas, Tahidromos Magazine
“simply a magic that is irresistible” Rough Guides: World Music, 100 Essential CDs
“The man at the source of a compelling old-meets-new sound” PBS Frontline
“The King of Oriental Rai” La Provence
“The first song, 'Mani Hani', starts with piano. Not an electronic keyboard, but real piano - fluent, easy going, like the musician has all the time in the world. A hint of classical, a touch of jazz. Checking the credits, the player is Jewish pianist Maurice El Medioni, famous in Algeria before Khaled was born.” The Observer
“Cult Jewish-Algerian pianist Maurice el-Medioni's neo-oriental tinkling and octagenarian crooner Blaoui Houari's earthy mumble certainly bring a whiff of the kasbah. But it's filtered through the robust pop sensibilities of a whole posse of largely North African arrangers - and it all works a treat.” The Telegraph Online