“Chango Spasiuk is chamamé’s spectacular new champion” SIMON BROUGHTON, EVENING STANDARD
“will fill your living room with light” CHARLIE GILLETT, THE OBSERVER
“Few artists can match the impact of Chango Spasiuk's
recent triumphant 'arrival'” JON LUSK, fRoots
“Great artistry, virtuoso talents... It’s a deep, unfettered joy
to indulge in Chango’s masterpieces.” CHRIS MOSS, SONGLINES
“a contagious sense of bonhomie that transcends
region-specific cultural roots.” ERNESTO LECHNER, CHICAGO TRIBUNE
“…[he uses] the chamamé vocabulary to highly inventive effect,
with sighing accordion and romantic violin creating elegiac
sound pictures, before Spasiuk’s impulsive fingerwork
sweeps everything breakneck to the dancefloor.” MARK HUSON, THE TELEGRAPH
“Spasiuk has revitalised the music’s barn-dance traditions
to create something thrillingly modern and cosmopolitan. (…)
…it is Spasiuk’s spirited virtuosity that generates the atmosphere...
In such hands, the charm of chamamé is irresistible” NIGEL WILLIAMSON, THE TIMES EYE MAGAZINE
“I can think of few better ways to spend an hour than with this,
one of the very finest albums of the year.” JON LUSK, BBCi
“groundbreaking work by a significant musician” JAN FARLEY, SONGLINES
“Far from sounding rustic or rural, the mostly instrumental,
acoustic work boasts a sophisticated sound that infuses
earthy traditions with jazz influences and classical touch” LOS ANGELES TIMES
“many textured and excellent” fRoots